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The Epic Story of 1776: 25 People, 13 Colonies, and 1 War

Epic Patriot Camp 2022 Book!
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Award-winning historical fiction authors Jenny L. Cote and Libby McNamee hosted Epic Patriot Camp 2022 with twenty-five campers aged 10-19 from fourteen states, D.C. and one from Australia. These epic young people assumed the identity of and researched a Patriot, Loyalist or French Revolutionary character to answer three questions:

  • How did the American Revolution come to my doorstep?
  • How did I get involved in the American Revolution?
  • What's my story in 1776?
The point of camp is to encourage the next generation to learn America’s epic history and to tell the story for generations to come. We taught them how crucial it is to get the research right, and to thoroughly study the good, the bad, and the ugly of history. We also taught them how to make history come alive by relaying the facts with fictional fun.

This is their story, told in their words.

*Abigail Adams *John Adams *Beaumarchais *Silas Deane *Benjamin Franklin *Nathanael Greene *Patrick Henry *Thomas Jefferson *Henry Knox *Lafayette *Charles Lee *Thomas Paine *Israel Putnam *King Louis XVI *Joseph Plumb Martin *George Washington *Martha Washington *Sir Guy Carleton *Sir Henry Clinton *Lord Charles Cornwallis *Lord Dunmore *Admiral Richard Howe *General William Howe *King George III *Banastre Tarleton

(Also available in e-book format on Amazon Kindle! ISBN:978-1732220287 )

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