The stage is set for an epic battle between the Fire of God and the Fire of Lucifer. Which Fire will ultimately be victorious to catch and blaze across the Roman world and throughout history?

Book Six: The Fire, the Revelation, & the Fall




The events of Acts leading to Revelation come to life as the Order of the Seven animal team surrounds the early believers who face impossible odds and take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Journey with Paul through his trials, imprisonment, shipwreck and struggles, and be the first to read his powerful letters that will define Christianity’s core beliefs. Experience the heartache of the martyred disciples and those whose blood is spilled in the arenas of Rome as they cling to faith in Christ and the coming Revelation. Cheer the miraculous rise of the Church against the backdrop of murder, intrigue and power struggles of Imperial Rome.


Recommended for ages 10 and up. Book Six (the exciting conclusion of the two-book saga of Acts following The Wind, the Road, and the Way.)  Books ordered from this site will be signed by Jenny and Pawtographed by the real Max and Liz!

Pages: 574.




The Fire hit #1 on Amazon for new Children's Christian Fiction!

Jenny researching in Rome.

The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall is dedicated to Max, who we sadly lost just as the book rolled off press.

"Jenny L. Cote has outdone herself once again with The Fire, the Revelation and the Fall. The book showed me about Paul and his impact on the early church and the persecution of believers during this time. Another appearance of the Antonius family will keep you reading on! This book truly takes the biscuit!" - Lara Murdock, age 11, 6th grade, Colby Middle School, Colby, KS


"Another amazing tale of adventure and intrigue that had us reading aloud for hours on end! You will not be disappointed as dive into the horrors and heroics of the first century, especially the gladiators."
 - Jordan Tenk (and mom Marcie), 9 Homeschooled, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada


"Jenny L. Cote has the amazing ability to masterfully weave biblical insights and historical events into her stories. Her books have helped me tremendously in many areas of my life. I really hope the legacy lives on in her books to come." - Jessica Jones, 15, 9th grade, Homeschooled, Leesburg, VA


"I literally couldn't put this book down! The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall gives great insight into the founding of the church, the martyrs who died for it, and the first Christian emperor. The history is amazing and the story is awesome! Truly epic!" - Ethan Nunn, 12, Homeschooled, 7th grade, Brandon, FL

Internal Illustration of a Roman Gladiator in The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall. By Epic Illustrator Rob Moffitt.

Jenny did extensive research in Rome, Italy and Arles, France.


from Readers' Favorite

Book Reviews

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite


First of all I would like to comment on the cover of the novel. The Fire, the Revelation and the Fall has such an attractive cover that I actually took the novel without reading its blurb. I never do that, ever. I never really believed when people said a cover can tell a lot about the book. Jenny L. Cote proved them all right. I loved the vivid colors of the cover and the dynamic battle scene in the distance was so intriguing that I could not help but read it.


I usually shy away from novels that are part of a series I am not familiar with because they tend to confuse me. This novel did nothing of the sort. I understood everything that was going in Paul’s life and his third mission. The mission to complete the New Testament is not easy, especially when Paul’s life is in danger, but his faith and courage guides him through every obstacle, even though he is arrested and might be executed. It is a wonderful way to show Christian history. 


I really loved the description of Rome. You can almost smell the air, the dust, and taste the water. The descriptions are so dynamic and vivid that you can actually imagine the scenes with crystal clarity in your mind. Imperial Rome is so majestic and fascinating, it really showed the amount of research Jenny L. Cote did in order to achieve this level of perfection. It felt hyper-real and so consuming. I love a book that makes me forget where I am. This novel just makes you read, read and read. Kudos for the job well done!

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