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Jenny's real new Scottie and book character who will be a direct descendant of Max and Kate, debuting in book two of the Revolutionary Trilogy, The Declaration, the Marquis, and the Spy.

Jock: 5 weeks old


This might be too incredible for you to believe, but everything that I'm about to tell you actually happened. Read on, for it will be worth the blessing you'll gain from this EPIC story. On October 25, 2016 at around 5:00 pm on my river walk, I heard a little Scottish voice whisper in my ear, "Go ahead, lass. It's time." I felt Max giving me the word to find another Scottie puppy which I decided I wanted to get for Christmas - and I knew his name would be Jock. I prayed for God to pick out the perfect puppy for me. On October 29th, I was brainstorming with Claire Roberts Foltz and Laura Brunson about Jock's character for the second Revolutionary book (The Declaration, the Marquis and the Spy), trying to come up with his full name. We decided he would enter the story to help Henry Knox bring the cannons back from Fort Ticonderoga for Washington in Boston in a blinding snow storm. "Jock Knox" came to me and I instantly loved it, but he needed a middle name. I wanted a Christmasy, wintry middle name and we came up with "Frost." So the full name: Jock Frost Knox. (A running joke, "It's JOCK! Jock Fr-r-rost, not Jack!). That night I searched for Scottie breeders in Georgia and got a hit that has never come up in previous searches. The breeder's name is Patty FROST, and she is located in Augusta. Her white female "Daisy Frost" had a litter of 7 puppies on OCTOBER 25th. I immediately called Patty and she told me there was only one black male. As the conversation unfolded, Patty told me that Daisy had the first puppy at 5:00 pm on October 25th (just as Max's voice spoke to me that "it was time.") A sonogram had told them there were only 4 puppies, so the next 3 were surprises, including the one black male. I knew this was the puppy God had picked out for me. I knew it was Jock. I proceeded to tell her about my books and how Jock would be a new character, and she said, "I know your name." Her daughter Kacie exclaimed, "I know her!" I had gone to Kacie's school (Curtis Baptist) when she was in 5th grade and she got my books. She is 17 now, and ran upstairs to get the books to take a picture with "Jock."


I am speechless and amazed that God would touch my heart and my life with such miraculous, specific detail over a wee little lad that I will bring home for Christmas. (Thank you, Max, for whispering in my ear just as Jock was entering the world). Everyone, I am overjoyed to present "Jock Frost Knox" (move over, Prince George. There's a new patriot in town. ;) )

Pictures will be added to Jock's Gallery as he grows and learns all about the gr-r-rand paws he has to fill!

FullSizeRender (6)
Jock opening his eyes! 11.10.16
Jock opening his eyes! 11.10.16
Jock opening his eyes! 11.10.16
Jock opening his eyes! 11.10.16
Kacie Frost and Jock 4 days old
Jock 5 days old
Jock with his legacy books
Jock with his legacy books
Jock's Parents, Daisy and Gatsby

 Jock's fan mail 

A gift of art by Epic Fan L. Lee Ramey from Nova Scotia

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