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In Person EPIC Patriot Camp!







Epic Patriot Camp was a FREE creative writing day camp for kids 9-13 provided by the National Park Service. The goal of the camp was for participants to learn about the Overmountain Victory Trail leading to the Battle of Kings Mountain by researching a soldier and crafting a story about the soldier’s battle experience.   Participants spent time each day with children’s author Jenny L. Cote to learn new writing skills and hone their present skills. They also put themselves in the shoes of those who fought in the battle through hands-on activities: weapons demonstrations, militia drills, colonial trades and crafts, spending time on the battlefield, etc. 

The culminating experience was an overnight camp on Friday night. Kids camped in the colonial style: canvas tents, colonial clothes, open-fire cooking, etc. On Saturday the kids presented their stories from their soldier’s point of view. Family and friends were invited to attend Saturday at 10:30 AM. Camp ended following the presentation. 

NPS grant funds have expired for Epic Patriot Camp. If you would be interested in providing a grant so we could hold this camp again, please email Jenny 


"Thank you for writing these books and inspiring kids like me. I forgot to tell you this before, but not only is my writing better, but now I WANT to write. That makes a huge difference in my writing, too."

- Andi Bradsher, NC, Epic Patriot Camper

"Both kids came home with so much more, though. They’re more confident writers. They’re more enthusiastic about writing than ever before, but they’ve also fallen deeper in love with history. They’re able to put themselves into the story and see the events from multiple perspectives. They’re able to see each scene with all their senses, describing in detail how it might smell and feel and taste to be there. They’re full of stories of Patriots and Loyalists of whom I had never heard and know how they’re interconnected. They know how they changed history and know how to do the research to find out more. Better yet, they know how to analyze it to see what it all means. They even met other kids from Tennessee, New Jersey, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Missouri – because that’s how far other people traveled to attend. Read more...

"There was a lot about the American Revolution I didn’t know and I would like to learn even more...I thought you were a great writing teacher. You are very funny! You made learning history cool." - Zach Matheny (read Zach's full letter about his experience at camp here.) 


7 WSPA-TV Covered Epic Patriot Camp at Cowpens on the Evening News 6.21.17. Watch here!

7-WSPA TV highlights Epic Patriot Camp coming to COWPENS, June 21-24, 2017! Click here for news article.

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal featured Epic Patriot Camp at Cowpens 2017! Click here to read the article and see professional photographer Tim Kimzey's photo shoot of camp. 

Read the following article published in Pathways Across America Magazine and see the EPIC impact that EPC had on kids and adults alike.

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