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The Declaration
Book 2 in the Epic Revolutionary Saga

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"I want to thank you so much for what you are doing by writing about America's history. I honestly prefer your books over Rush Limbaugh's "Rush Revere" series!!! I am making my way through The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy, and I am learning more with every page I turn! You are unequivocal as an author. I wish that there was a way to get your books into the hands of every school-age American, because you are declaring the truth of our history that needs to be remembered now more than ever before in our nation's history!!!"

-Heidi Worley, 19, Chattanooga, TN

"WOW! WOW! WOW! Just finished reading the teaser chapter and WOW!!!!! I never knew that Paul Revere said something different than what schools teach us!! Then again, I hated studying American history in school because it was presented in a boring way. You bring it to life and make it fun to accidentally learn something while doing something I love!! I can't wait to see what happened before and what happens after!! I loved it!!! You make American history (and the rest of it) fun to learn!!!"
- Shanna Weatherbee, 37, Oregon 

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The Epic Revolutionary Saga

Book one: The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key (2017) 1743-March 1775: covers events from the year 1743 up through the eve of the Revolution in March 1775.

Book two: The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy (2020) March 1775-July 1776: covers events from Lexington and Concord through the Declaration of Independence. 

Book three: The Marquis, the Escape, and the Fox (2023) April 1776-April 1777: covers events from the Battle of New York with the arrival of British forces through the escape of Marquis de Lafayette from France.

Book four: The Boy, the Turn, and the Forge (2026) April 1777-June 1778: covers the end of the northern campaign with Valley Forge and the French Alliance after victory at Saratoga.

Book five: The Traitor, the Ship, and the Prize (2028)  June 1778-October 1781: covers the southern campaign through Victory at Yorktown.

Book six: The Rise, the Fall and the Jewel (2030) October 1781-1865: covers the rise of the United States of America and the formation of the government through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Concludes the Revolutionary Saga into the nineteenth century with liberty and justice for all.


Don't be fooled by cute animals on the front cover! These books are well researched and comprehensively detailed for full contact history! Click here to check out Jenny's hefty bibliography of nearly 200 sources for The Declaration, the Sword and the Spy. 




Jenny visited Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, and was privileged to go upstairs to see America's first Library founded by Benjamin Franklin, and the room where the secret meeting happened with Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and French spy Bonvouloir, featured in The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy! 

Carpenters' Hall was also the site where the First Continental Congress met in 1774, and that scene is featured in The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key.

Jenny has been researching Patrick Henry, the Marquis de Lafayette, Banastre Tarleton, and the Revolutionary War since 2007! She is passionate about this crucial period of history, and about her favorite Founding Father, Patrick Henry. Her heart's desire is for children to know the REAL history of America, including God's hand of favor every step of the way. Jenny is deeply indebted to the excellent reenactors of Colonial Williamsburg: Richard Schumann as Patrick Henry and Mark Schneider as the Marquis de Lafayette (and Banastre Tarleton). They have tirelessly answered her questions and provided incredible research assistance.  Jenny also is active with Patrick Henry's Red Hill (homesite where Patrick Henry is buried) and Historic Polegreen Church (where Patrick Henry attended church as a kid), participating in Living History Days.  Her research has taken her to France where she met the 6th great grandson of the Marquis de Lafayette, Comte Lafayette. Jenny has attended multiple re-enactment events, including Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death speech at St. John's Church in Richmond, Patrick Henry's Parson Cause court case at Hanover Courhouse, the Battle of the Hook (Gloucester Point) and the Battle of Cowpens. She also was in Yorktown for the arrival of Lafayette's reconstructed ship from France, L'Hermione. Stay tuned for tons of behind the scenes research pics and videos for this exciting Revolutionary saga!

Jenny with Mark Schneider (Marquis de Lafayette and below, "Bloody" Banastre Tarleton)

Jenny with Richard Schumann (Patrick Henry)


Jenny with Mark Schneider (Marquis de Lafayette) in Yorktown for the arrival of Lafayette's reconstructed ship from France, L'Hermione!


Author Jenny L. Cote interviews her main character for the Revolutionary trilogy: Patrick Henry. Through a series of chats, Jenny and Mr. Henry will give readers an exclusive behind the scenes look at Mr. Henry's life and vital contributions to American Independence. 


In this clip, Jenny and the Mr. Henry discuss Jack Jouett's ride and a funny anecdote of something that happened to Mr. Henry once he evaded the dreaded Tarleton. He also graciously gives an endorsement for Jenny's books. I just love him.


In this clip, Jenny and Mr. Henry discuss a little known speech that he made in 1783, yet one that possibly led to the most well known American least it will in Jenny's book. :)

Why is Patrick Henry still a good role model for Kids Today?
Read Jenny's article on FOXNEWS.COM.

Some of Jenny's research books for writing about Patrick Henry, the Marquis, Tarleton, and the Revolution. 400 books and counting!

As the year began, Europe was not at war and it was not at peace. Paris and London were aswarm with spies, but there was as yet no settled truth or plot to ferret out. History seemed to stumble forward accident by accident in 1775, the year when everything began except for a clear understanding of exactly what that was.
- James R. Gaines, For Liberty and Glory 



Author Jenny L. Cote interviews her supporting character for the Revolutionary trilogy: the Marquis de Lafayette. Through a series of chats, Jenny and the Marquis will give readers an exclusive behind the scenes look at The Marquis' life and vital contributions to American Independence. 


In this clip, Jenny and the Marquis discuss Jack Jouett's ride and the ensuing cat and mouse campaign with the dreaded Banastre Tarleton. (Lafayette is SO much more pleasant to interview than that Tarleton, I might add.)

 Jenny had the joy of touring the birthplace and childhood home of the Marquis de Lafayette in the south of France: Chateau de Chavaniac.



Author Jenny L. Cote interviews her antagonist for the Revolutionary trilogy: Banastre Tarleton. Through a series of chats, Jenny and Tarleton will give readers an exclusive behind the scenes look at the British side of the Revolutionary conflict....if she doesn't kill him off early in her novel. 


In this clip, Jenny asks Tarleton for his testimonial about Jack Jouett's ride after having discussed the event with Patrick Henry and the Marquis de Lafayette. Once again, he gives Jenny some British lip. (Why can't he be more like the delightful Marquis?)


In this clip, Jenny and Tarleton have a testy discussion about the Battle of Cowpens and whether or not he deserves the title given him, "Bloody Banastre Tarleton." See if you think his attitude will make Jenny's pen bleed red. 

Professional photo below of Mark Schneider as Banastre Tarleton at Return to the Hook by Kenneth Bohrer.
For more of his EPIC photography on numerous
Revolutionary sites that will be featured in
The Declaration, the Marquis and the Spy, please visit



Author Jenny L. Cote shares her behind the scenes research which shows the extent to which she'll go to get the story right!


A heart-pounding ride at night through the VA countryside! Well, sorta....Jenny rides Fallon the Wonder Horse at night to reenact Jack Jouett's midnight ride to warn the VA Assembly of Tarleton's approach. You've heard from Patrick Henry, the Marquis de Lafayette and Banastre Tarleton about Jack's ride. Now, see it unfold before your eyes in unparalleled glory! (ah-hem, well, sorta...)

"They nobly dar'd to be free!"
Jenny researches where the American Revolution began on April 19, 1775 at Lexington & Concord.  

Researching the Battle of White Plains: The Jacob Purdy House

When I was researching in White Plains, NY for The Declaration, the Marquis, and the Spy, Mr. John Bailey with White Plains Community Media, a local TV show called "People to be Heard" filmed my tour of George Washington's Headquarters at the Jacob Purdy House. Following the tour with John Vorperian I sit down for an interview (at about the 10 min mark). This is what I do, so welcome to my world if you want to take a peak.

This is the Cathédrale Saint Étienne de Metz (St. Stephen's Cathedral) in France. It has the largest expanse of stained glass and the second highest naves in the world. It was here in Metz while in summer training with his regiment that the Marquis de Lafayette first heard about the struggles of the 13 American colonies. He attended a dinner where the Duke of Gloucester (the black sheep brother of King George III) shared about the events happening with England and her rebellious colonies. He heard about Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill and that a general by the name of George Washington had been made Commander-in-Chief. The Duke was sympathetic to the American cause, and his words and news inspired Lafayette to join the cause and help America gain her independence. I was working on this dinner scene when the fire struck Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and I just had to pull in this cathedral as well as Notre Dame into the chapter with Liz. I just never know where my inspiration will come from but this one is special. Look at the beauty of this cathedral - I must visit it my next trip to France!


Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Declaration, the Sword & the Spy: Epic Order of the Seven Series, Book 6 is a work of fiction in the historical and animal adventure subgenres. It is intended for younger readers upward and was penned by author Jenny L. Cote with this audiobook version narrated by Denny Brownlee. As we follow the continuing adventures of the Epic Order of the Seven, a team of animals helping some of history’s most famous names to succeed in the fight for American Independence, new dangers arise from unexpectedly close sources. Covering the events from March 1775 to July 1776, we watch the revolution brewing from a unique animal perspective as the Declaration is penned and waits to be made official.

In terms of storyline, this really is an historical epic that younger readers could spend a long time learning from and living through each exciting chapter. I could see the work being utilized in the classroom and indeed at home for youngsters to understand the complexities of the fight for independence from a very accessible perspective, and author Jenny L. Cote does wonders to make that experience accessible and exciting for all the family. Fans of cinematic writing and stories with pure patriotism at their core need to look no further than Cote to satisfy their every need.

In terms of its audiobook presentation, I really enjoyed the whole arrangement of the work, complete with sound scaping and musical effects here and there to enhance the drama and bring history to life. Narrator Denny Brownlee brings confidence and vibrance to each character and situation, and it often feels like a particularly enthusiastic history teacher is telling you the story with great gusto. Overall, The Declaration, the Sword & the Spy is a superb slice of history, mystery, and adventure that’s not to be missed.

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