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If you are interested in becoming an Advance Reader for The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy, please complete the survey below. Advance Readers will be selected and announced by December 20th and will receive a review copy of the book in January 2020. They will have one month to read the book and submit a comment for inclusion in the book that will be released April 2020.  Only 7 slots remain, and we have hundreds of applicants, but we hope you'll apply!
(By submitting this form you agree for your name, age, city, state and comments to be shared on this website and social media. Your address will remain confidential.)

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Advance Reader Surprise Announcement!

10 EPIC Readers finished the 2019 EPIC Summer Reading Challenge and get to be Advance Readers for
The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy! 

Since we have hundreds of readers apply to be Advance Readers, we're doing a series of challenges, camps and contests for readers to earn the opportunity. Sometimes it's a surprise, sometimes it's announced ahead of time.
Only 7 more slots remain, and will be awarded via the Advance Reader Survey that is posted above. Final readers will be announced by December 21st.

To make sure you don't miss it, be sure to subscribe to Epic E-News!  

Congratulations to all the Advance Readers selected so far!

From the 2019 Epic Summer Reading Challenge:

Josiah and Isaac Major, Black Mountain, NC
Amelia Cole, Knoxville, TN

 Owen Osborne, Shreveport, LA

Max Hancock, Wisconsin Dells, WI

 Myra Canning, Omaha, NE

Georgia Bullard, Carlsborg, WA

Shoshana Lynn Rogers, CO

Reagan and Avery Mullins, FL

From the 2017 Pumpkin Contest:
Andi Bradsher, NC 
Rosie Littleford, IN 
Alex Tugman, VA 


From Epic Patriot Camp 2017: Cowpens, SC June
Kiersten and Daniel Willey 
Emily Boer
Max Brown

Epic Patriot Camp 2017: Kings Mountain, SC July
Madelyn Goodwill, Julia Weleski , Elizabeth Ruby

From Epic Patriot Camp 2018: Kings Mountain, SC June 

Gabriel and Elijah McLeod, Rachel & Emily Wilkinson, Alaina Ramsey, Rex Brown

From Epic Patriot Camp 2018: Kings Mountain, SC July 

Savannah Jones


If you were not chosen or missed entering to be an Advance Reader for previous books,
please try again for the next book!
The call for Advance Readers is open for
The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy.
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