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You read the books. You love the books. And Jenny loves YOU! This page is just for you, Epic Fans!
Send Jenny your comments, feedback, pictures, letters, and they'll show up here. Stay Epic.

"You have changed my daughter's life with your writing. Thank you." - Hope Krotzer

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Are You As Smart as a 7 Year-Old?

Kyle from Texas read all 8 books TWICE in five months and completed the 2020 Epic Summer Reading challenge to become an Advance Reader for The Marquis, the Escape and the Forge.  He'll tell you how to be as smart as he is. :)


Thanks to Kelsey Lynn for this cartoon of Jenny L. Cote!


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Epic Aussies!

Meet Owen Osborne
An Epic Fan from 1st-11th grades, Owen discovered my books when his family lived in Louisiana. They moved to Atlanta in 2023, and I just so happened to speak at his school, Trinity Christian on March 5, 2024, so we finally got to meet. As a child celebrity, Owen has cooked at the White House, and has been on TV with Rachel Ray, Chopped, Jr., etc. Owen is so gifted and has such a beautiful heart and mind. I know God has big plans for this fine young man.
Follow him on Instagram at @theowenosborne.


Epic Amazon Reviews

If you post a favorable review on Amazon, it may show up here! Jenny is grateful for your help in spreading the word about these books to others. Please leave your review on one or all of Jenny's books.


I just downloaded every podcast of Epic Order of the Seven for my 13 year old, Rochelle, to listen to on an upcoming trip. I’m a very cautious mother when it comes to books, music, and videos for my kiddo. After reading your books I feel perfectly comfortable allowing her to listen to them without me. I was wondering if you could recommend any other good podcasts for a Christian teen with a very conservative mother. 😂 - Drewe Llyn Jeffcoat

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to tell you what a positive impact you have made on my 16-year old daughter, Jenya. Your books are her all-time favorites and she reads them over and over. I think I probably hear your name at least every other day, mostly in two contexts: 1) when I learn about something I never knew from the Bible and I start telling Jenya about it, she stops me and gives me more detail about it than I knew, which leads us to do more research. I always ask her how she knew that and her answer is invariably, “from Jenny Cote’s book, [applicable title here]; and 2) we like to watch shows about history and exploration, and something will be said about some obscure (to me) place or event, and Jenya will pause the tv to explain it to me. Same scenario—how do you know that? Jenny Cote. 😂 Jenya is doing dual enrollment at UNG now, and has even benefitted in her history class from having read your books! Thank you for all the long, hard hours of research that goes into your books. We homeschooled and you’ve not only entertained Jenya during that time, but helped with her education too. Just be glad we don’t live in your neighborhood. I think she’d be a permanent fixture on your doorstep! We love you! 😘 - Cheryl Lea

Dear Mrs. Cote, I would just like to say right off that through reading your books, I have most definitely grown closer to God. I have actually been moved to tears a few times, when I feel the presence of God in my heart. You know, when you just feel a peace come over you and you know you are loved, more deeply than you could ever imagine? Your books have done that to me.  My name is Evie, I'm 12 years old, and I live in Tacoma, WA. My favorite books in the series are probably The Ark, the Reed, and the Firecloud, (Yes, I know it's not techinaclly part of the series, but it sort of is ) and The Roman, the Twelve, and the King. I love your depiction of Jesus so much! I think you captured him perfectly. I also love it when Gillamon and Clarie show up as characters in the bible that I am already familiar with.  Currently I'm rereading The Wind, the Road, and the Way. Through this book I'm reminded of how God can take someone who is completely lost in life (Saul), and make them whole. I am so excited for another installation in the series, and am crossing my fingers for the band to focus on a strong female, like they have focused on the lives of important men, such as Handel and Patrick Henry. As Kate would say, "Lassie Power!"  Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Evie

Dear Mrs. Cote, My name is Levi Auyer. I am 10 years old. I homeschool and love to spend my time reading. My grandparents gave your first book to my older brother, Samuel. I really enjoyed your book. My mom got the next two for me. I couldn’t wait to read the entire series, so I saved my money and bought the rest in the series. I deeply love your books. I am reading your series for the second time this year. Currently, I am reading, The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall. With great excitement, I am waiting for your next book. I love animals and historical fiction books. It is a perfect combination for me. I greatly appreciate your love for the Bible and American History. I love how you added the new character, Jock. I love that he can control the weather from God. My favorite place to read your books is in my room around the 9pm hour, before bed. - Levi Auyer

I just wanted to take a moment and send you a picture of Kenzie and her "special gift" from you this past Christmas.  She said it was the "best gift ever, Mom".  Thank you again for such joy you brought to my daughter that day.  I hope that one day soon we can meet in person, because God has truly blessed you with a special gift….in more ways than one.   I wish you and your family a wonderful upcoming year. -Christy from Iowa


Hi Miss Jenny! I have read your books and loved them all! Thank you for writing them. These books have helped me to have amazing views of Bible stories that I love! I love all of the details that make me feel like I'm really there! I was wondering if you will make other books about Max & Liz once you are done with the Epic Order of the Seven. I hope so! Once again, thank you for writing these books! Love, Kaitlyn :)


I just wanted to thank you for your book series. Our son is on the 3rd one and flying through the set. He has a rekindled love for the bible and is excited to look things up in the bible as he reads the stories! Truly a remarkable series! Thank you again! - Logan Liptak, Georgia


Hi Mrs.Cote,

You are the best author ever! I look at your Facebook page a lot and I love your books!!! I just got The Wind, the Road, and the Way for Christmas. I am on chapter 5.:) Thank you for writing the books. Are you writing more? I love max and liz!!!! Love, Emily Firari. P.S. I am 12 years old and started reading this series in 4th grade. I am also trying to get my mom to read the first book.  :) Say hi to max and liz for me!

My name is Edan MacNaughton. I am 13 years old and live in California. Your books are the best books I have ever read and I read a LOT. Your books are packed with adventure, sadness, mystique, and good morals, historical and biblical truths. My favorite character is Big Al and my favorite book is, “The voice, the key, and the revolution.” It was your first book I read. My parents bought it for me to read on our ministry trip to Norway this past June. In the last two weeks, I have read “The ark, the reed, and the fire cloud” as well as, “The dreamer, the schemer, and the robe.” I’m excited because tomorrow I get to begin, “The prophet, the shepherd, and the star.” I like your books because they cover my three favorite things, HIStory, reading, and God (besides my family). I am also a big fan of books like, “Lord of the rings” and the “Narnia” series but I like your books the best. Your books are better because instead of parallels or subtle hints about God your books are more clearly connected to God. 

Dear Jenny L. Cote,

I have recently finished The Dreamer the Schemer and the Robe. It was exquisite! I loved your choice of words and I enjoyed cracking the Egyptian code with my mum. May God bless you in a mysteriously wonderful way too. I also enjoyed your sense of humour in The Ark, the Reed and the Fire cloud with the mad moiselle! 🤣 I’m glad Liz has grown in faith. I was quite surprised when (spoiler alert) and I never expected (spoiler alert) to be the stowaway. Although now I am kind of scared of one of my toys, who is a (spoiler alert). I am really looking forward to reading The Prophet, the Shepherd and the Star. However, it was too easy to figure out that (spoiler alert) were TOTAL EVIL FAKE PHONIES!!!! Both books were outstanding. Your evil bad guys have inspired me to add bad guys to my own writing. I liked the way you toyed with my emotions. I llllllllove 💕 your books!
God bless, Myfanwy (pronounced, miv-an-wee), age 9




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