The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy (Book Eight) Non-Personalized

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A spy in the Sons of Liberty threatens to crush the patriot cause on the eve of war, but who will fire the first shot at Lexington and launch the American Revolution? The Marquis de Lafayette commits his sword to fight as France seeks to secretly support the American cause with spies on both sides of the Atlantic. Following Bunker Hill, George Washington faces the impossible task of driving the British from Boston with an undisciplined army and no gunpowder or cannons. As Congress debates Independence, Thomas Jefferson pens a Declaration but it will never see the light of day if the vote isn’t unanimous. The Order of the Seven animal team must assist the Founding Fathers with espionage and numerous miracles to win this war for American Independence while a new, evil enemy seeks to slaughter the patriots and their commander in the field. But which will be the most dangerous—the enemy without or the enemy within?
Covering the events from March 1775 to July 1776, this second book in Cote’s Epic Revolutionary saga tells the incredible yet lesser known struggles of the war before Independence.

It’s March 1775, and Patrick Henry’s cry of ‘Liberty or Death!’ has declared that war is coming. The Voice of the Revolution says that the time for pleading with King George III and Parliament is over—the colonies must prepare to fight, but they will not fight their battles alone. France must secretly enter the cause of American Independence, but it will take spies operating on both sides of the Atlantic to pull this off.

Gillamon leads the team to a new WAR ROOM where they will meet on strategy and share intelligence. Liz and Nigel must learn the art of espionage and deciphering messages as they seek clues to discover the "mole" sitting in plain sight within the Sons of Liberty. Elusive, deadly spies lurk among them, seeking to thwart their every move and kill the patriot leaders. Max must shield Washington from the forces that seek his downfall. Kate will shadow Lafayette's movements in France and ensure that Libertas is in the right place at the right time. Al keeps the team informed about developments in London, gathering intelligence right under the nose of King George III, but must sail to America with Lord Cornwallis and Banastre Tarleton while frustrating the Enemy with a few tricks up his paw. Clarie and Gillamon assume identities that keep even their own team guessing. But in the midst of the uncertainty, one thing is clear - a new and evil team is forming against the Order of the Seven.

While the Sons of Liberty secretly plan, a spy sitting in their midst threatens to crush the patriots before they can arm. Paul Revere’s heart-pounding midnight ride announces that British regulars are marching from Boston to Concord, but who will fire the first shot at Lexington and launch the American Revolution? As that shot is heard around the world, France’s young Marquis de Lafayette immediately commits his sword to fight for American independence, but King Louis XVI has other plans for the reluctant courtier. Behind the scenes, France secretly arranges to help the Americans without the British knowing. If their French spy fails in his meeting with Benjamin Franklin, America won't have the ally it needs to win her independence.

Patrick Henry picks up his gun but is quickly branded an outlaw by Lord Dunmore and must avoid capture on his way to the Second Continental Congress where George Washington becomes Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army: the Sword of the Revolution. After the bloody Battle of Bunker Hill, Washington faces the impossible task of forming and supplying an undisciplined, rag-tag army to fight the mightiest army on earth. It will take young bookseller Henry Knox to bring him a noble train of artillery from Fort Ticonderoga to drive the British from Boston. Little does Knox know that his success will ultimately depend on one of Max's descendants to turn the weather in his favor - a puppy named Jock Frost.

But while the cannons boom, the Voice of the Revolution is needed once more—this time for a resolution to declare independence. Liz and Nigel must oversee the Pen of the Revolution - Thomas Jefferson - as he crafts the most important document that America will ever produce. But the quill he uses will be crucial to the right words, at the right time.

(Recommended for ages 10 and up. Book Two in the five-book Revolutionary Saga, Book Eight overall.) Release Date: April 15, 2020. Signed by Jenny and "Pawtographed" by the real Max and Liz, with no personal dedication. Pages: 688.

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