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"Jenny L. Cote and Claire Roberts Foltz have done an EPIC job with the VRK study guide. It is fun, informative, and user friendly. I especially enjoyed Nigel's Nuggets!" - Edan, 16, CA

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After years of requests from parents, grandparents and educators in the United States and abroad, we are thrilled to offer the first Study Guide to accompany Jenny L. Cote's books. We decided to begin with the books on the American Revolution, but will go back and add Study Guides for the first six Biblical titles as well. Study Guide Author Claire Roberts Foltz is extremely qualified not only as a certified teacher (see full bio below), but she serves as the Critique Team Leader for Jenny's books, so has been part of the writing of these books since page one of book one!

"The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key brings American history to life. This companion study guide is extensive and could easily be utilized for your homeschool history and literature curriculum, spanning at least a semester. The content of each is thoroughly researched and makes learning exciting. We appreciated being able to encompass multiple learning styles by using the print and audio versions of the book along with this study guide.  I found the format of the final exam to be easy to use, which I appreciate as a homeschool mom. I personally think it is a great addition to the guide. We really cannot say enough good things about this resource!" -Carol R., homeschool mom, Mosinee, WI

One Homeschooling Family's Experience:

"When I learned that there was going to be a study guide to go along with The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key, I was very excited. I love learning, and this study guide is the perfect opportunity to learn even more from this well-researched book. I can’t wait for any and all study guides that come in the future for these epic books." -Emma R., 18, Mosinee, WI

"The study guide was well done and helped make remembering history facts easier." -Micah R., 14, Mosinee, WI

"If you enjoyed The Voice the Revolution and the Key by Jenny L. Cote, then you will love the study guide. The VRK study guide helps you dig deeper. Each chapter has its own study guide questions at three levels. The questions cause you to discover information that you otherwise would have missed. It's perfect for those who love to learn!" -Elizabeth R., 16, Mosinee, WI

Facebook Post - Amazon 5.0 out of 5 stars Review by Shannon Kids love these books May 13,

It was an amazing experience and way different than just reading the book. I got to think back on not only the outline of the story, but the history behind the story as well. Sometimes I would go deeper into research because I wanted to learn more on a specific topic.  I like how the curriculum is very flexible and I can easily move up or down a level when needed. It was fun and an extraordinary way to show how much HIStory I had learned from the experience. -Chad Velez, 13, Houston, TX

  • A companion Study Guide for The Voice, the Revolution and the Key which may be utilized for general study, digging deeper, or for history and literature curriculum, spanning a semester or more.

  • Offered either in: 

  • Limited to one download per family with license to print copies for each child within that family.

  • Provides Chapter Guide questions for three levels (Eaglet, Fledgling and Eagle) that parents and readers can select based on age, grade or reading level.

  • Includes fun Bonus material projects with two beloved book characters, Nigel and Cato.

  • Includes Answer Keys

  • Includes digital "Eagle Feathers" that readers earn for completion of Chapters and Bonus projects.

  • Includes four Book Part Tests and Final Examination with Answer Keys for use as a transcript credit.

Click here for a Sample of the VRK Study Guide, including the Introduction, Getting Started exercises, Questions from Chapter 5, Answer Key and sample Book Part Test.

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Amazon Review by TGM

5.0 out of 5 stars "Very detailed study guide, great addition to the book."

Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2021

This study guide hits all the points needed to help students dig deeper into our history. It makes it much easier to understand, and aids teachers and parents in keeping children focused and moving along. I advise purchasing it in conjunction with the book.

Great job, and thanks for the help!!

Jenny L. Cote and Claire Robertz Foltz and her "Hailey Kate" inspired by Kate from the books. 

Claire Roberts Foltz is an author, speaker, and certified teacher in Language Arts, Social Studies, Political Science and Government grades 6-12, all core middle school subjects, and ESOL for all ages. She is also a veteran homeschool teacher for grades K-12. Claire was the first woman student athletic trainer to graduate from the University of Georgia, and holds a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Florida. Claire was the first Director of Sports Medicine and established the Sports Medicine Program at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (formerly Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center). She managed her husband's dental practice for many years. Claire and her husband, Jeff, are the proud parents of two grown children, two adorable grandchildren, and one incredible West Highland White Terrier.

As usual, our mouths are open at the same time! Jenny and Claire had a blast with a special Facebook Live session to go through the VRK Study Guide Sneak Peak. Hear the story of how we first met but how DDAY truly bonded us at the hip. Get the back story of Claire's resume,  the journey with Jenny's books and what lies ahead. (The connection got wonky in a couple of spots, and the video lags a microsecond behind the audio...but we did that on you'd pay attention...yeah, that's had nothing to do with wifi...ah-hem. :) )

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Nigel's Nuggets Gallery

"I am utterly THRILLED to share the extraordinary work and creativity of my brilliant VRK Study Guide Students! They have accepted my challenges and produced the art displayed in this stellar gallery. HUZZAH AND BRAVO! They clearly take the biscuit. "- Nigel P. Monaco

"The VRK Study Guide is a wonderful companion to the book. I love that my son is getting to dig deeper into the history of our great nation."-Rosalyn G. -Homeschool mom Cary, NC

"I really enjoy the Cato's Eagle Eye View and Nigel's Nuggets. I think kids will really enjoy the Study Guide." -Nathaniel G. -10  Cary, NC

"What a great way to teach U.S. History through great literature. Jenny L. Cote’s gift of writing historical fiction coupled with this Study Guide equals a BIG win and opportunity to teach U.S. History in a fun, engaging way. Great to use in a co-op setting and for homeschool families. I like how the different levels allow you to decide the depth you want to go." -Marlene G., Homeschool mom of two, Mesa, AZ 

"We love the Nigel’s Nuggets and Cato’s Eagle Eye View sections in each chapter. The Study Guide is school in a fun way, just like Jenny L. Cote makes HIStory come alive. It’s also a good way to review what you read and pull extra knowledge from the books. We are looking forward to the entire Study Guide series!!"
-Madison (16) and Cameron (12), Mesa AZ


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