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Epic Workshop Videos

Finally, you can enjoy Jenny L. Cote's filmed workshops with your school, homeschool or group! You can stream the videos for three months from the Jenny L. Cote Epic Workshops On Demand Vimeo Page. Eight workshops will be available by April 2023, with more coming in the fall.


Opening with the popular “Black Coat Story,” Jenny humorously illustrates a really lame story, followed by a really colorful story. She explains how creative writing is like painting a picture in your mind and writing what you see. Animating animal figurines, Jenny brings colorful characters to life, and describes the importance and, yes, FUN of doing research! Learn how to weave in surprises, action, tension and end well.


Jenny will discuss her process to develop a book from beginning to end, from writing to publishing. She uses the acrostic as well as metaphor of following a road to reach the destination. Route (mapping out a story, developing an outline from point A to Point B), Obstacles (writer’s block, research, distractions and dead ends), Attractions (fun things to see along the road for the writer as well as the reader) and Destination (editing, illustrations, typesetting, advance readers, publishing, and distribution for a new book).

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“GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME ANOTHER PLOT LINE!” will cover Jenny’s research for her novel on Patrick Henry: The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key Go behind the scenes of Patrick Henry’s famous speech that rallied a nation to independence, and discover how it actually all started in Rome. Jenny will share how she is weaving together one fun plot line for this famous speech across two novels, and a second plot line across seven novels. 


Playing on one of Patrick Henry’s impassioned quotes, “IF THIS BE FICTION, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!” will cover how to write historical fiction, including choosing a character, doing the crucial research (and having fun with it!), organizing the story, and then writing it to keep your reader eagerly turning the pages. 

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