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JENNY'S PARENTS: Dr. & Mrs. Paul Mims

My parents made me who I am.  If you love my books, now you know who to thank. 

Dr. Paul Mims is the most wise, most loving man I've ever known. He is also married to the most wise, loving woman I've ever known, Janice V. Mims, who is the author of the book that inspired my writing, The Centurion's Letter.


Dad retired to the north Georgia Mountains, but didn't stay in retirement long. He never wants to retire, truth be told. Dr. Paul Mims was the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Cherry Log, Ga for 19 years. He announced his retirement AGAIN, but it only lasted a week. He and Janice moved to Palmetto , GA where he pastored Friendship Baptist Church before retiring AGAIN. Yep, it only lasted a week. Now he serves as Chaplain at Palmetto Park retirement community. 

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up in Quitman, Georgia. He is a graduate of Carson-Newman College and Southwestern and Southern Baptist Theological Seminaries. He has been pastor of the following Southern Baptist Churches. Temple - Brevard, North Carolina; Seaford at Seaford, Virginia; First Baptist - Norfolk, Virginia; Druid Hills - Atlanta; Ocean View - Myrtle Beach, SC.

Paul and Janice have two children: Jenny L. Cote and Dr. Joseph Mims, both of Atlanta.

He was the "first voice" to ever audio record the entire KJV Bible, for Christian Duplications of Orlando, Florida. And he has done it three times - on Cassette tape, CDs, and Digital for the Solar Bible. Click here to see on Amazon.

His magnificent, velvety voice has been broadcast around the world for decades on TransWorld Radio. Paul has taught Seminary students on the Island of Barbados, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tiruvuru, India. He has been on other mission trips to China, France, and the Island of St. Lucia.

If you would like to read the wonderful words of wisdom that have poured into Jenny her entire life,  here is a sample. "The Forgiven Forgiver" - text of sermon from 3.26.17. How a hurt little boy eventually forgave his abusive father. 
Long before Max and Liz, Now I Sea! was Jenny's first book that led her to want to become a writer. She self-published this book in 2003 (available on Amazon.) Her dad was a sailor and taught her how to navigate the waters of life as they sailed as a family every summer. Read more about him in this devotional book for sea lovers.
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