Time-travel thrills, Dangerous Intrigue, Heartache and Humor, Exquisite Grace and Love, and Mind-Blowing Truth



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The Roman, the Twelve, and the King is the second book in the Epic Order of the Seven series that picks up where The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz left off. The Maker created this team of animal friends to be his envoys for pivotal points of history. This will be their most important mission ever: to be with Jesus throughout his childhood, ministry, passion and resurrection. The story of Christ is told as a story within a story: as George F. Handel writes the greatest music to ever be written in London 1741—Messiah.


This action-packed adventure opens in 1735 London when famous composer George Friedric Handel is upsettingly passed over by the King of England for the most important musical post in the world. Little does Handel know that God has a far greater assignment - the writing of the most important piece of music of all time: Messiah. In order to fully inspire Handel, the Order of the Seven revisits the life of Christ, working behind the scenes from Jesus’ childhood to adulthood where he begins his ministry. The team follows Jesus and his twelve disciples through the joy and controversy of Jesus’ ministry leading up to the painful purpose of his coming: the Passion. The Enemy tried to prevent Messiah’s birth – now he will stop at nothing to ensure his death through the Pharisees, Herod, Pilate and Judas. But everything becomes clear as to why the Cross is the Divine Plan all along. Follow Jesus’ disciples and once again visit the Roman family of Antonius, all of whom play a pivotal role in the events of the greatest story ever told.


The animal team was with Isaiah when he wrote the words, now they will be with Handel as he writes the music. They must retrieve three items from their time with Jesus to bring back to 1741 London, crucial for Nigel to play his mouse-sized violin in Handel’s ear every night to inspire the music of Messiah. The climactic ending takes readers to the London premiere of Messiah where the King of England realizes that the King of Kings reigns supreme, and unbeknownst to him, is present at the premiere of Messiah as well.

"After reading this book, you'll never think of Rome the way you did before. You'll never think of Handel's Messiah the way you did before. And most importantly, you'll never think of Jesus the way you did before. This is a marvelous book that I will treasure always. It has truly helped my relationship with God, as I now understand all the pain and suffering he had to go through for a sinner like me. I understand that I'm unworthy of God's grace, but through Jesus' blood, I am made worthy. I now understand that I am loved and I am able. And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "
-Tara Shultz, 17, Eden Academy, Yucaipa, CA


Book Four: The Roman, the Twelve, & the King


The Life of Christ told within the story of Handel writing The Messiah


(650 pages, 35 Accelerated Reader pts)

Winner of the 2013 Readers' Favorite Five Star and Bronze Awards for Christian Historical Fiction! *Available in ebook format for Kindle.


Jenny had the incredible honor and unprecedented opportunity of sitting in Handel's composing room in London to write the scene of Handel writing the the very room he wrote the music.


Jenny chats with Epic Illustrator Rob Moffitt on creating the cover for The Roman


See how Jenny's book covers come together!

Jenny and Rick Larson chat about the Roman Star Coin, a key plot line twist throughout The Roman.

Jenny and Nigel attend the performance of MESSIAH.

"The Roman, the Twelve, and the King was such a good book that my Dad asked to read it with me. We enjoyed learning about the composer George F. Handel and The Messiah. Jenny L. Cote is an amazing writer who describes the real Messiah's life in an interesting and creative way. And she kept our attention with funny new characters like my favorite, Shandelli, the Italian stick bug." - Kyle Martin, 11, The King's Academy, West Palm Beach, FL


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