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Jenny's Interviews with the American Security Council and American History Live

Peace Through Strength podcast host Joy Votrobek interviews celebrated Author Jenny L. Cote on why education is key to national security. Jenny L. Cote is a celebrated author of children's historical fiction books. Her books feature key moments in human history, from Noah's Ark to the American Revolution. This podcast discusses why History is important, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They also talks about our alliances with France which helped America win her freedom and why alliances are still important today.

Charla Frederick as the voice of Abigail Adams discusses history with special guest, Jenny L. Cote. Jenny is a modern day celebrated author of early American History and biblical fiction books. Children and adults alike love her books. Jenny and Abigail discuss the purpose of the Continental Congress and Abigail's letter to John Adams. Jenny also discusses her book series and what is next in her series. Jenny L. Cote has two captivating series: "The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz" and "Epic Order of Seven." You can view these books and purchase signed copies at You can view all of American History Live's historical characters and lesson plans on our website at

Pictures of Jenny on Fox & Friends, 8.20.17

Charlottesville: What Happens if America's Children Lose Our History?

Jenny with Jon Scott
on Fox & Friends 8.20.17

The Bottom Line

Jenny L. Cote: Will Kids Learn History when Culture Demands Removing Monuments? (August 25th, 2017)


9.18.17 at 2:30 pm ET RADIO: WMUZ-FM (103.5 FM) - Detroit, MI - "Bob Dutko Show" 
Listen Live:

8.30.17 at 6:40 am ET Radio: WDUN AM550/FM102.9 - Gainesville, GA - The Morning Show with Bill and Joel



8.29.17 at 10:05 am ET RADIO: WEGB-FM & WEDQ-FM/Faith FM – Eastern Long Island, NY – Doug and Meg in the Morning

8.28.17 at 12:15 pm ET RADIO: WYLL-AM (1160AM) – Chicago, IL – “Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand”
Listen Live:

8.25.17 at 8:30 am ET RADIO: KZIM-AM (960AM) - Cape Girardeau, MO - "KZIM Morning Newswatch"


8.22.17 at 3:00 pm ET RADIO: WATB-AM – Atlanta, GA - Future Movement Radio Host: Pat Baccus Bowen
Listen Live: 


8.18.17 at 11:00 ET RADIO: RedState Talk Radio – Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels

8.17.17 at 9:35 am ET RADIO: KMED-FM/AM (106.7/1440) - Bill Meyer Show - Medford, OR

Listen Live:

8.15.17 at 8:29 ET RADIO: The Lars Larson Show – Nationally Syndicated Host: Lars Larson (free streaming and audio links here)


(For the complete list of Jenny's radio interviews, please see her calendar.)

Jenny with Colonial Williamsburg's "Patrick Henry " (Richard Schumann) on WTTG (Fox) 6:30 News, Washington, DC,  8.15.17

How were the seeds of the American Revolution planted in the hearts and minds of mere children (a.k.a. America’s Founding Fathers)?


6.28.17 at 5:17 pm ET for 10 minutes LIVE
RADIO: WYLL-AM (1160AM) – Chicago, IL – “Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand”
Listen Live:

6.29.17 at 8:30 am Eastern for 10 minutes LIVE
RADIO: KZOY -AM/FM (1520/93.3) – Sioux Falls, SD – The John and Heidi Show

6.29.17 at 9:15 am Eastern for 15 minutes LIVE
RADIO: KZIM-AM (960AM) - Cape Girardeau, MO - "KZIM Morning Newswatch"

6.30.17 at 8:42 am LIVERadio: WDUN AM550/FM102.9 - Gainesville, GA - The Morning Show with Bill and Joel  About: 

7.3.17 RADIO: RedState Talk Radio – Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels

Read & Watch
Interview with Paul Strand and CBN News featured on the
700 Club for President's Day 2018

How to Get Kids Passionate About Reading

Click on Jenny's article (left) or blog post (below) to learn how!

How to Explain Easter to Your Kids

Jenny discusses how to explain Easter to children, with helpful tips for parents on how they can keep Jesus as "the reason for the season" at Easter, even with eggs and chocolate bunnies. Highlighted is Jenny's fourth novel, The Roman, the Twelve, and the King, that covers the Easter story. Click on the links below to read or listen.

Jenny's Interview with Andy Kirkendall 
Growing Up Bookish FB - McNamee &Cote.png
statue of liberty

"Are We Trying to Fix America's Past, or Her Future?" by Jenny L. Cote
Read Jenny's July 4th Op-Ed Here.

Jenny was featured on the G.O.A.T. Homeschooling Podcast with Erin and Amanda to talk about Writing Historical Fiction. Listen here!
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