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 Online instruction by Beth Cuvelier, based on the Epic Order of the Seven books

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  • Open for students grades 6-12

  • 1/2 credit for History, Bible, and Literature for the semester

  • Older students will be given more difficult assignments

  • If parents are interested, there is an Honors Option for these classes.

  • This is an integrated course (similar to Sonlight, Veritas, Omnibus, etc.) which means as the teacher/parent you can count this course with its workload for any or all of the listed credits above.

  • Minimum class size is 5 students for a class to make. If it doesn't make, then the students registered for that section can be incorporated into another class if the family wishes. Maximum class size is 20 students.

  • The lessons for these classes are planned with all students in mind, therefore it is adaptable to the differing needs of individual students and designed to be inclusive for learners at all levels. Even parents can join in!

  • Semester Fee is $225 per course. You may register one student for multiple courses, if desired. Simply select preferred times and select the quantity of classes desired upon checkout. If registering more than one student, please add a separate purchase in your cart to capture the appropriate student information.​

  • Upon registration, you will receive an email from Beth with next steps.

  • Future plans will include all of Jenny's Biblical and American Revolution titles as courses.

America's Epic Founding:
The Voice, the Revolution, and the Key, or The Declaration, the Sword, and the Spy

Based on the Epic Revolutionary Saga, written by Jenny L. Cote, this course explores the lives of the Founding Fathers and the circumstances that helped birth one nation under God. Students will explore each of the novels through readings, class discussions, games, geography, Bible, and Literature, as well as examining primary source documents for Revolutionary events.

This course is based on a series of novels written for young people to explore the lives of the Founding Fathers and the circumstances that helped birth one nation under God. The premise of the author is that “before they were Founding Fathers, they were founding children.” The author conducted prolific research for all of her writings, and she is gifted and imaginative with her books. These novels include fun, engaging characters who tell the stories so that they are delightful for both young and old. Her stories help develop a deep understanding of the events and mindsets that led to the founding of America. These books are also written with a Biblical worldview and perspective.

Students will explore each of the novels in the beginning of this series through readings, class discussions, games, etc. in order to learn the information in these books. Students will also examine primary source documents for events referenced in the novels. Critical thinking will be the major emphasis in the educational assignments for this course. Class work will also include assigned readings, writing activities and special projects. Some class work will require oral presentations to aid in the development of student public speaking skills.

God’s Epic Hand in History:
The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud


These classes study God's hand in the events of men from the beginning of time using the epic history novels written by Jenny L. Cote. Students will explore Eastern history starting at the dawn of time through the Fertile Crescent into the modern Middle East. In addition, they will study geography, Bible, and Literature, with a little French included as well. The sole purpose of these classes is "...that all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty, that you may fear the Lord your God forever.” Joshua 4:24

Epic Course Descriptions 

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