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Six Book Bible Bundle: Ark, Dreamer, Prophet, Roman, Wind, Fire, NON-PERSONALIZED

Get a Book Bundle for your Epic Reader: 6-Book Bible, 3-Book American Rev, 9-Book Complete Collection, or VRK Study Guide/Book
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Jenny L. Cote's first six books are based on Bible stories, from Noah's Ark through Revelation and include: 1) The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud 2) The Dreamer, the Schemer, and the Robe 3) The Prophet, the Shepherd, and the Star 4) The Roman, the Twelve, and the King 5) The Wind, the Road, and the Way 6) The Fire, the Revelation, and the Fall. Start your favorite reader on the adventure through God's Word at a reduced bundle rate!

Books will be signed by Jenny and "Pawtographed" by the real Max and Liz!

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