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ADVANCE READERS for The Marquis, the Escape and the Fox 

THIS OPPORTUNITY IS NOW CLOSED. If you missed applying for The Marquis, be sure you are subscribed to Epic Updates so you won't miss the call for the next book opportunity. 

The third book in the Epic Revolutionary Saga (April 1776-April 1777) covering events from the Battle of New York with the arrival of British forces through the escape of Marquis de Lafayette's escape from France to come fight alongside George Washington.

What does it mean to be an advance reader?

When Jenny finishes writing her book, she chooses about 25 advance readers to read and review it before it goes to press. Advance readers will receive one of only 100 advance reading copies of the manuscript and have about a month to read it in full. They will provide a review comment that will be printed in the final published copy, with the advance reader's name, age, and hometown. This is a fun, challenging, and exciting opportunity for diligent readers to get to read one of Jenny's epic novels before the rest of the world, and get their name in print as well!

How do I apply to be an Advance Reader?
Since we have hundreds of readers apply to be Advance Readers, we do a series of challenges and contests for readers to earn the opportunity, and also an application survey. If you want to be notified when the survey becomes available, become an EPIC FAN by subscribing to EPIC ENEWS on the Contact Page by filling in your email address and hitting "submit." ("Contact Jenny" is listed below the Epic Fan submission, but please note that emailing Jenny does not register you to become an Advance Reader. But feel free to reach out to Jenny - she'd love to hear from you!)

Submissions are now CLOSED.

Advance Reader Application Survey


2020 Epic Summer Reading Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS to the 17 EPIC readers who completed the 2020 Epic Summer Reading Challenge! Winning names are in the video below but some aren't visible in the moving graphics so here they are!

Chad Velez, Houston, TX                            Nathaniel Gade, Cary, NC
Kyle Klubnik, Sugarland, TX                      Mikayla B., Ruskin, FL
Pristine Tam, Ontario, Canada                  Emma Raczek, Mosine, WI
Audrey Lavender, McDonough, GA          Amelia B., Kenmore, WA
Tatiana Brubach, Deland, FL                     Judah White, Woodbury, MN
Megan Canfield, Carrollton, TX                Addie Harris, Liberal, KS
Savannah Jones, Dadeville, AL                  Eli Harris, Liberal, KS
Ethan Both, Roswell, GA                            Nathan Wilson, Spokane, WA
Eva Bellig, New Ulm, MN
Nathaniel Gade from NC.jpg

Nathaniel Gade and his Epic Friends are Pumped!

Chad Velez from Houston TX.jpg

Chad Velez finds out he's an Advance Reader!

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