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Jenny wants to help families who are stuck at home during this corona virus shut down, so she's giving away this Bible curriculum! Just pay $15.05 for flat rate shipping. Watch the animation, skit and music DVDs, talk to your kids about the Bible stories and discover who the GREATEST HERO OF HISTORY truly is in a time of crisis!

Epic Faith Curriculum is designed for undated use in 3-5 Day Vacation Bible School or multi-week Sunday morning, Wednesday night, etc. HOH is the first in a series of VBS, Christmas, Easter and year-round curriculum.

Overall Theme: A quest to discover the greatest hero of HIStory! Kids will go on an EPIC adventure through time to unlock the answer with the seven animal characters from best-selling book series The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz® and Epic Order of the Seven®. They will also discover their part in HIStory as they meet Bible characters and ultimately Jesus, the greatest Hero of HIStory.

Package Includes:

  • Guide Book for teaching children and preschoolers, containing original scripts of Three-Part Drama Sketches, small group Bible lessons, decorations, activities, games, snacks, crafts and music, printed in four-color
  • 2 DVDs containing:
    • Filmed drama sketches (for use in lieu of live actors)
    • Animation clips of main characters Max and Liz for daily opening monologues, produced by Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio in Nashville, TN
    • On-Screen Lyric music videos
    • Music video dance segments to teach optional choreography to the VBS team leaders
  • Audio Music CD – six original songs by artist Marco Randazzo of Orlando, Fla
  • CD for print materials: Logo, Promotional Poster, Registration Banner, Daily Theme “Word of the Day” and Verse of the Week posters, HOH Station Signs, etc. (For Mac and PC)
  • Exclusive website access providing video instruction for set design, book discounts for churches wanting to sell books as part of mission fundraising, member chat room forum for ideas, questions, etc.
  • Packaged in sturdy plastic case with 3-disc hubs and 3-ring binder for neat, convenient use and attractive shelf space display

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