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**New Release! The Marquis, the Escape, and the Fox (Book Nine) NON-Personalized

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Escape through a maze of deception, betrayal, and death isthe key to survival for thirteen rebellious colonies that dare to fight tyrannyand win their independence. Powerful forces seek to cut off the head of their Don’tTread on Me snake by assassinating General George Washington as the unstoppableBritish fleet sails into New York Harbor. The Epic Order of the Seven mustidentify and stop the assassin, or the epic Battle of New York will be overbefore it even begins. The Declaration of Independence rallies Patriots to teardown the statue of King George III, but will its words be worth dying for? TheHowe Brothers chase Washington and his dwindling Continental Army across NewJersey until he learns how to outfox them and lives to fight another day at Trentonand Princeton. The animal team knows those small victories won’t be enough to wina war and must convince France to covertly join the fight. They must help France’swealthy Marquis de Lafayette sail for America to fight alongside Washington,but first he must escape King Louis XVI who has other plans for the reluctantcourtier. The third installment in the Epic Revolutionary saga, The Marquis,the Escape, and the Fox covers events from April 1776 to April 1777.

Book will be "pawtographed" by the real Max and Liz, and signed by Jenny L. Cote.

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