EPIC Faith Curriculum


Epic Faith Curriculum (based on the award-winning biblical fantasy fiction novels written by Jenny L. Cote) is designed for use in Vacation Bible School, Sunday morning, Wednesday night, or other faith-based settings.  


The Heroes of HIStory package will include:


• Original scripts of daily 3-part drama sketches written by Rob Britt, as well as filmed segments for use in lieu of live actors


• Animation clips of main characters Max and Liz for daily opening monologues, produced by Magnetic Dreams in Nashville, TN. 


• Original music CDS - written, composed and recorded by artist Marco Randazzo of Orlando, Fla


• Printed materials available for digital download:  Promotional Posters, Registration Banner, Daily Theme “Word of the Day” and Verse of the Week posters, HOH VBS Station Signs, nametags, and t-shirts 


• Video instruction for set design, costumes, crafts, snacks, skits, with live online instructional sessions offered as well


• Books offered at reduced rates for churches desiring to provide them for campers and/or to serve as a mission outreach fundraising opportunity. DBC will use book sales from HOH VBS to raise funds for a missions partner that ministers to homeless girls in the Philippines.


Pricing and Ordering information will soon be available. If you and/or your church is interested in receiving information on Heroes of HIStory when it becomes available, please sign up below, or email Jenny with your name, church, city, and state.


Heroes of HIStory is a quest to discover the greatest hero of HIStory. Kids will go on an EPIC adventure through the IAMISPHERE with the Epic Order of the Seven to unlock the answer. 

Dunwoody Baptist Church in Dunwoody, Georgia is one of the premier VBS providers in the Atlanta area, hosting over 600 children with 300+ volunteers annually.  The DBC team works year-long on the VBS project, writing original scripts, creating hand-made/sewn, quality costumes, developing fun crafts, snacks and making recreational games tied into the theme. DBC will sometimes use prepared VBS packages, but often utilizes Sunday school curriculum to launch VBS themes. For 2015, the DBC team has developed Heroes of HIStory, and will serve as the beta test site during the week of June 8-11, 2015. Heroes of HIStory will be packaged and prepared for market distribution and available for summer 2016. 


The Epic DBC VBS Team (left to right):

Faith Giebel (Sports Director), Rob Britt (Script Writer), Jenny L. Cote (Giddy Author), Brenda Russell (Children's Pastor), Frank Raunikar (Set Design)

EPIC Scripts by Rob Britt

After being raised the son of a Baptist minister, Rob’s conversion at 9 years old seemed like the natural end to the journey.  Being a kid, Rob had no idea the journey was just beginning.  It didn’t begin in earnest, though, for 20 years.  He went through the common PK rebellion stage after college, which consisted of sleeping in on Sundays as he was “between churches.”  It was a nice rationalization at the time. The multi-year hunt for a new church had dwindled to nothing when God used a friend of Rob’s to get him to visit Dunwoody Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. The Singles’ Minister gave Rob’s name to a young lady who was starting up a drama ministry, and he quickly found where God wanted him to be.  Rob helped organize both a youth drama ministry team and a children’s drama ministry team, and he is still leading the latter group in its 14th year.  He started tweaking some of the purchased dramas the group used, and after tweaking one into a completely new story that the kids enjoyed performing, he realized the gift God had given him.  Rob understands what God wants kids to hear, and he knows that God gave him the talent to pass that knowledge on to them.  


EPIC Music by Marco Randazzo

Songwriter and musician Marco Randazzo has composed six original songs for Heroes of HIStory. Wait until you hear the foot-stomping, hand-clapping, jump-up-and-down tunes he and his talented team have created! Learn more about Marco by visiting his site.

This is gonna be EPIC!


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